Buddy - Pet portrait painting - Soft pastel paintingCecilia Comeau gave me this pastel for my Christmas gift. Buddy died in July at the age of 11. You have really captured his eyes. An amazing likeness of Buddy. Great job.

by Pat Ego


Hi Anna

I just wanted to send a special thank you and congratulations, its a beautiful piece (To Dance) and will hang in a place of honor at Mac Kids after having raised $12,000.00. WOW!

Dan Mclean
Senior Anchor
Hamilton, Ontario

Oh Anna,

I love that picture so much. I really think that when I am discouraged it will truly inspire me to keep working. I have a thought. I would like to use the picture "My First Tooth Brush" as an official picture for Healthy Smiles for Haiti. Most organizations have something and I really think it is ideal.

In closing thank you so much. She hangs in the room where I do my work and praying for Haiti. Since going to Haiti I rarely buy things for myself and discourage others from buying for me; so this is so special. You can not possibly know what it means to me. You are a stranger who touched my heart deeply - now you are a friend.

Georgina Cosentino,
Healthy Smiles for Haiti
Hamilton, Ont.

Dear Anna,

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we are reminded of all of the gifts in our lives for which we should be thankful. You have been granted a gift; the ability to transform a blank canvas into an inspirational piece of work, through which you have managed to capture the personalities, mood and demeanor of your subjects. You have clearly embraced this gift.

For those of us who have not been granted the gift of an artful eye and hand; we can be thankful that we are able to enjoy the fruits of yours. We look forward to your upcoming creations, as they inspire each of us to excel in the gifts that we have been granted.


The team at Brendan Wood International

Brendan Wood International
Toronto.New York.London.Bermuda


Wow, thank you very, very much. I received the charcoal artwork of Mick Jagger. It is really beautiful.

Thanks again,

Zsolt Sarvary-Bene,

New York, NY

Hi –

I really enjoyed your website! Your pictures are wonderful.

Dr. Joseph Torok

Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

Hi Anna,

Seeing the drawing of Katrina for the first time took my breath away. I absolutely love it! I immediately sent it to everyone in my office and all of my friends.

You have such a wonderful gift. I am not the only one that feels that way either. Many of my co-workers have come into my office to tell me how talented you are and to ask if you do this for a living. I like all of your drawings. Just to name a few of my favourites are "A brotherly smirk", "Toronto skyline" and "Boy's best friend".


Vanessa Tari-Martinez
St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation,
Hamilton, Ont.


The pastel painting of Katie is going to be in our family for a long time . Thank you very much for taking the time to recreate a moment in Katie's life for us .

Mary and Larry Thorlakson
Katie Thorlakson / Women's Canadian National Soccer Team
Langley, British Columbia

Hello Anna Sponer,

My name is Mark Sponer. I found your link through a search of the Sponer name. I am guessing you married a Sponer from Canada? There are lots of Sponer's in Arkansas.

I enjoyed looking at your art work on your website, they are wonderful!

Mark Sponer,
Arkansas, U.S.


I've spent a lot of time at your website and I think your artwork is wonderful. I especially like the "Ocean Side" piece.

Brian Miller
VendorPro Incorporated
Orange, California

Hi Mrs. Sponer,

Your work is incredible.

Your landscape drawings, and my personal favourites, "Old bank of Montreal" and "Winter Wilderness" are breathtaking. They are so serene and real. You have brought the city to life and captured the hidden beauty.

Your addition of colour is used so well to compliment the pieces where used. It adds a whole new dimension and warmth to the artwork. It really brings "Addressing the troops" to life.

Your portraits each have such individual characteristics and emotion behind them. The children have a certain playful innocence to them that is so beautifully depicted. You capture the joy and wonderment only a child can experience and an adult can be reminded of, especially in "Boy's best friend", "Boating adventure", "Curiosity" and "A brotherly smirk".

You've created such wonderful work, and I can't wait to see more.


Gianna Bentivegna, B.Tech
Harmony Printing

Toronto, Ont.

Dear Anna Sponer,

On behalf of Nicholas and the staff at Pure NV, I wish to sincerely thank you for your donation of "Precious" and also the personal original art piece; which were both auctioned off . Your generous gifts certainly helped in achieving our goal at our silent auctions for the McMaster Children's Hospital and for the Environmental Defence Canada Fund for the period from 2004 to 2005.

We at Pure NV Salon and Spa, along with the children and the earth thank you again for your generosity.

Sincerely, Vincent Randazzo, (Managing Partner)
Pure NV Salon
Hamilton, Ont.

Dear Anna:

It's wonderful to be able to appreciate your art work through the internet. Thankfully, however, we have been lucky to view some of your creations in person. What a great talent you have! The graduation picture of our daughter, Laura is fantastic!

My husband and I believe your creations are a wonderful contribution to the world of art.

All the best to you and hope to see more expressions of your passion.


Carmen Varga
Dundas, Ontario

Dear Anna

Thank You for sharing your website of your pastel & charcoal paintings with me. Your art work has given me a greater appreciation of the beauty that is always present but we often forget about as we go about our busy lives.

Congratulations on your first place prize at the 2004 Ancaster Fall Fair! I'm happy for you and admire your courage to change directions to pursue your obvious talent and first love.


Dr. Catherine Ballyk
Brantford Hospital
Brantford, Ont.

Well Anna,

All we can say is that your drawings keep on getting better and better! The picture of Melissa in her Irish soccer uniform is just so beautiful!

The detail, the highlights in her hair, her pose, her emotions in her face of determination, her hands that are showing her power and speed in her movement, just everything!

As you know this is Melissa's senior/final year with the “Fighting Irish” of Notre Dame, so definitely this portrait will be especially important and valuable to Melissa and ourselves as a memento of her great accomplishments in life.

Thank you once again for giving us one of Melissa's “Expressions in her life” to hold on to forever.

We wish you continued success in all your endeavors.

Peter and Ann-Marie Tancredi / Tandi Homes Construction
Melissa Tancredi - Women's Canadian National Soccer Team
Ancaster, Ont.

Hi Anna,

You never cease to amaze me. I want to thank you for the beautiful renditions of my two daughters, Katrina (All Mine) and Vanessa. You have captured them so well, and I get many compliments from all my friends.

I was browsing your website today and saw your last Masterpiece "Pope John Paul ll" and all I can say is that it was a delightful surprise and that it truly is a Work of Art. I wish more people could enjoy seeing your work. Well done.

Keep up the enthusiasm and never stop drawing.


Anita Tari
Teachers Credit Union
Hamilton, Ontario


Wow, beautiful paintings, i would love to see more of them.

Jason Preston
Ottawa, Ont.

Hi Anna,

I am totally gob smacked on looking at your website today. Such an output and all so wonderful. I am envious that you are self-taught, you certainly were a good teacher to yourself.

Dorothy Goodman
Hamilton, Ont.

Thank you Anna,

We would like to thank you for your support in 2005. We appreciate how much effort you went to in supporting what we do here. I am continuously amazed at the generosity of a few very special people. That also goes for the person who won the painting in the raffle, Louise from London. And seeing how much I loved the painting she showed up at my door and begged me to take it back and keep it in my home, which brought me to tears. The painting raised 450 dollars and built a new raccoon cage and also medication and other much needed items.

The painting is now sitting in my bedroom waiting to be hung above my bed, so I can see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It is one of my most cherished and favourite things in our house.

Without the help of people in our community I could not continue to do what I love to do. We appreciate all the help, donations to our fundraising efforts, and to our centre. Just knowing there are people out there that care about wildlife makes our efforts a little easier..

Myself and all the animals that come into care thank you.

Debbie Beacon
Beacon of Light Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre,
Nanticoke, Ontario


My name is Christina, you came to our school, Mother Teresa, and you showed our class some tips on how to sketch. Thanks !!

Christina Romano,
Mother Teresa School
Hamilton Ont.

Oh my gosh.... I just fell off my chair. What a beautiful painting of Rylie !!!

Maggie Alvarado
Cookie Lee Jewelry Director
Sacramento, California

Dear Anna,

My name is Frank Horvat. I'm a pianist and composer from Toronto. I came upon your name at the site, where I was then lead to your site. I had a chance to see all that you do with your work in the visual arts - congratulations! I find your brand of realism very intriguing.
Thank you,

Frank Harvat,
Musician, Composer
Toronto, Ont.

Thanks for the great feedback, Anna... Keep in touch with opportunities to go into schools.

All the best,

Jennifer Mossop
Member of Provincial Parliament
Ontario, Canada

Hi Anna!

Many thanks for the compliments from an accomplished artist like yourself. Your work has great sensitivity and detail and I like your pictures of children the best.

Gayatri Manchanda / Artist
Moscow, Russia

Hi my name is Valentine. I am living in South Africa. And I am an artist.

First of let me say thanks to you to bring your work to the world so that we can be motivated. And you have done a good work.I have interest to your work, so I don’t know which procedure to follow to be next to you, can you please tell me which mechanism are you using to have such a great talent. Please tell me. I have interest in your work. I rather fly to come to your place.

Valentine Mabutla / Artist
South Africa

Dear Anna,

I enjoyed reading your story on your web-site. I too am a self made artist and have a similar story... it has been quite a journey to get to the place I am at today. Oprah and her show has been a big inspiration in discovering who I am and where I need to be in my life. I wanted to show my appreciation by creating and sewing a gift for her. I would like to include a picture of your painting of Oprah in my project, as it would be perfect. I know as an artist, the time, energy and love that goes into everything we create. Please know this is a one time project... it is purely a gift.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Carolyn Nilles / Artist
Geneva, Illinois

Hello Anna,

I recently came across your website - I like it - and would like to permanently add your site to our website gallery links directory.

Sam Green
Gallery Assistant / Agora Gallery
New York, N.Y.


I just wanted to let you know that I really love the painting. It is truly amazing, you are a very talented artist. It was an honour having you draw a portrait of me.

Thanks again,

Candace Chapman
Women's Canadian National Soccer Team
Ajax, Ont.

Dear Anna,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful portrait .
You have a remarkable talent and I appreciate you sharing it with me.


Mayor Larry Di Ianni,
City of Hamilton, Ontario